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CodersLink connects you with amazing opportunities at scaling companies all across the United States, all without having to deal with the boring paperwork and back-office procedures.

We’re your ambassadors and constantly push your professional interests with companies looking for top tech talent both remotely and locally.

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We belive in hard work, in helping great talent be discovered and in changing the status quo.

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Get hired as contractor for a determinate period of time. You work remotely from your hometown and travel once every 6 months to meet your team! Very results based and expects you to be detail-oriented.

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Relocate where the job opportunity is the US to work as part of the in-house team. We provide attorney services to process any required Visa, onboard you with the company, and plug you into the ecosystem and community. You get to fully experience the culture of the company that hires you.

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We work with scaling technology companies looking to simplify how the world connects, shares and transacts. These include post-funding Series A or B companies, small and medium proven businesses looking to impact their industries.

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Enterprise Security

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Software Companies

And many more!