Why CodersLink?

We believe in bridging the gap between tech talent and great companies through IT outsourcing.

The success of leading companies comes from their people, their processes and their product. By simplifying how they reach and connect with the right people we help them create strides in advancing the technologies of tomorrow.

Desk Outline

Making a difference by creating powerful connections in two forms.

Laptop Outline


  • Our vetted Coders become part of your team remotely as an extension of your team.
  • They can be contracted for indeterminate periods or time i.e. 1 year or 3 years!
  • We handle all payroll and benefits.
PC Outline


  • Our coders relocate to the office of your choice.
  • They become part of your in-house team and culture.
  • We handle all relocation details including visas and boring paperwork.

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